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October 22, 2007





Too much of my adolescence was spent lusting after Kate Jackson, because she was both brainy and hot. I took no small amount of abuse from my friends at that time because I disclosed this at lunch in the "cafetorium" one day, and despite the fact that every one of those friends knew that I had Farrah's poster with the pokies up on my ceiling. No wait, it was on my wall. Really. Insert your own kickstand joke here.

*Sniff* Thanks for the fond memory. DDD, you may have displaced it somewhat in that pose. (But not much -- after 11 years I'm still married to Lester/Mrs. WriterDude, who is in actual fact both brainy and hot. Go figure.)


(P.S. -- why is your blog clock on Pacific time?)


WD- because I was too stupid to figure out how to change it.

Wyo Cowboy

Can I be Charlie? please?

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