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February 03, 2008



That sure brought back memories. Two boys, 2½ years apart; many sleep overs. We raised horses, so we were the go-to for sleepovers.
I can promise you two things. This is not the end, and in twenty years they will be the Best of Memories.

Wench Lizzy

Wow, Doc, you are a brave person to take that on! Kudos to you!


What a hoot! I'll bet you can't wait to go back to fighting Darwin.... much easier. ;-)

Nurse Tammy

ddd - every nurse has his/her kryptonite. I try not to pass out doing deep suctioning... emesis is easy! And anyway, nursing school is about rabid instructors, sleep, deprivation, drudgework, and writing insanely detailed care plans that will never be implemented and are covered in red ink and useless comments from the clinical instructor, not about patient care!

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