> Disney December 2007

Beautiful disney sunset from hotel
Main Street, USA
Getting our batteries charged before fighting Emperor Zurg
Doclings captured with Zurg
Mr. ddd is very intense
Very Merry Christmas fireworks
Waiting for the parade
Waiting for the parade
My two favorite males
Hunkering for the parade
Santa is brought to you by Disney
Piture of a picture of us on Tower of Terror
Posing with Nora Desmond
My Padawan learner
The doclings and Keith, the monorail pilot
When you wish upon a star...
MGM Osborne family Christmas lights
Dinner at Dine- in theater
Breakfast with Chip and Dale
Pluto came, too!
Pluto plays with the Doclings
Mr. ddd had a rough night
Pluto gets his ears scratched
Goofing around
Mr. ddd cracked up Goofy or is going to make him puke
The doclings show off their legacy at Epcot
The legacy
Male docling in the drivers seat of the Corvette at the GM test track
Donald (Dream Squad) accompanies me to my dive
One of the dolphins smiles for the camera.
Diver Down!!
Donald took great pictures
Genny and me
Smile for the camera!!
Genny and me
The shark below me is about 7 ft long
Bad hair day
Playing with the guests
Heading back to the line
What a GREAT day!!
And these guys made it possible!
Illuminations of Earth at Epcot
Mr.ddd heads into the darkest jungles of Africa
At Animal Kingdom
Just like my kitty at home
The UK pavillion at Epcot
Segway training
"I was rolling through the park one day..."